Microcare MCC-PW2G Lead Free Flux Remover PowerClean

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MicroCare MCC-PW2G Lead Free Flux Remover PowerClean is the strongest flux remover in the MicroCare line. It is the ideal cleaning fluid for tough lead-free flux residues, pastes, oils, inks and acrylic conformal coatings commonly found during electronic rework and repair. Engineered for time and cost savings, Lead-Free Flux Remover - PowerClean is fast drying, nonflammable and leaves no white residue. It is also an effetive cleaning fluid for degreasing, cleaning connectors, and removing light oxides all while preventing white residues. Safe on most electronics grade components, including nylon, epoxies, polyethylene, polyproplene and PVC. May effect polystrene and polycarbonates. Testing before use on plastics is recommended. 4L Minipail.  

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