Fisnar CR300 Cartridge Retainer

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Fisnar Cartridge Retainers can be adapted to work with our full range of cartridges to provide a pressured feed of adhesives, liquids and pastes when dispensing. The Fisnar CR300 Cartridge Retainer has been developed with a new optimised seal design, guaranteeing greater seal performance and durability by sealing directly onto the inside of the ‘inserted’ cartridge. Fully compatible to accommodate all 1/10? gallon cartridges and both plastic and metal caulking type cartridges (300/310ml), this high-grade anodised alloy retainer and cap ensures a safe and comfortable dispensing pressure of up to 100psi (6.9Bar). The CR300 is incredibly versatile and can be used as a pressurised fluid reservoir system when working in conjunction with a Fisnar dispense valve. The CR300 has a single shut-off, quick release air input connector for ensuring safe and easy disconnection when changing fluid cartridges. This air input connector eliminates the need for an isolating compressed air feed, every time the fluid cartridge is changed, thus allowing for quicker change-over times.

Size: 1/10 Gal & 300/310ml

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