Fisnar DA35

The Fisnar DA35 Dispensing Pump extrudes medium to high viscosity material, such as paste, silicone and grease under pressure directly from a pre-filled can. Suitable for automatic and semi-automatic controlled dispensing applications, which require a constant supply of air-free material. By using the Fisnar DA35, air bubbles and material voids that are caused by handling or decanting viscose material are prevented. The can is prepared by cutting off its top, the extruder pump body is lifted and the can placed in position. The extruder pump body is fitted with a follower-plate that seals and follows the material as the level drops to wipe the sides of the can clean limiting waste. The fluid is pressure fed by reinforced hoses to a valve, which is either mounted to a robot or operator held with a gun handle. The valve is actuated by a valve controller.

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