Fisnar F4000 Advance Dual Table Robot

F4000 Advance dual table benchtop robots are designed to ensure precise fluid placement and positioning.

The unique dual table design allows for high speed manufacturing due to the elmination of part changeover and loading time. This is made possible with the removal of finished parts and the loading of new parts on the fixture of one table, while the other table is being processed by the robot.

Furthermore, the dual-table design provides users the option to carry out two different dispensing routines sequentially, thus elminating the requirement for batch production. Additional features include a USB port for data transfer and back-up, program selector switch and fluid purge button.

The F4000 Advance range has been designed to accommodate a range of bolt-on robot accessories, which are easily attached to its modular connectivity back panel.

The Dual Table Robot is available in two differing working areas: 500 x 500 x 100mm or 500 x 500 x 150mm.

View the Advance Dual Table Robot data sheet here. 

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