Fisnar VP300

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The Fisnar VP300 is a multipurpose, poppet-type pneumatic valve designed for dispensing low to mid-high viscosity materials, such as silicone, RTV, epoxy, rubber adhesive, grease, liquids containing filler, etc. A diaphragm located between driving parts and wetted parts increases the valve life and reduces valve maintenance. 3-Way & 4-Way Valve Operation When air pressure is applied to the valve, the valve seat will open and the material will be dispensed. Shot sizes may be fine tuned by turning the control knob at the top of the valve. The VP300 valve has a suck-back effect that eliminates lumping at the end of the needle after dispensing. The suck-back effect occurs when the valve is closed because of the change in the volume of the material area as the poppet moves up in the valve. The model DSP501N is a suitable controller for the VP300 valve. For faster actuation, the 4-way VC1195N valve controller is recommended.

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